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Doctrine Matters

Doctrine matters. Everything you do, every decision you make, is a demonstration of something that you believe. Everything about your life can be described in terms of it being an application of some sort of ultimate belief. Doctrine matters. Therefore, it is necessary and right that we think about it....

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The Ruth Schmalhausen Scholarship: Applications may be picked up in the church office. The purpose of the Ruth Schmalhausen Scholarship is to furnish financial aid to a student pursuing a degree at EIU. Marge Catron Scholarship: This scholarship is available to any member of FCC who is enrolled as a full-time student at Lake Land College for 2012-13....

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A Matter of the Heart

The resurrection is central to the Christian gospel. The resurrection is central to all the facets of Christian doctrine. So if we could just submit all the convincing evidence that points to Christ's resurrection, then that should be enough to convert the world, right? ...

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Building Up the Body

Some people love speaking in tongues. The church at Corinth apparently had a lot of people like that in their congregation. For the Corinthians, speaking in tongues was the premier gift. Nothing was more desirable than the ability to speak in tongues. That's because they measured their spirituality and their giftedness according to their tongue-speaking ability. But G...

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It Has Nothing To Do With Marriage

There's something we need to see from chapter 13 - something that transcends even the solution to the problems brought up in chapters 11-12. Love. Love is vitally important to Christians. It should govern our relationships with everyone in the body-especially those with whom we strongly disagree....

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For the Common Good

When spiritual gifts are used incorrectly, the results are disastrous. You have divisions. You have strife. You have jealousy. A worship service can turn into a circus. The Spirit of God does not give gifts so that you can do sensational things and get plenty of public attention. The purpose of gifts is simple. They are to be used for the common good. ...

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Bad Table Manners

There's a right way and a wrong way to behave at the table. Some of the folks in the church at Corinth had terrible table manners. Church services were a lot different in those days-much more informal. They met in homes. A large house could accommodate 30, 40, or maybe 50 people. Instead of using their after church potlucks as a way to build community, they used the L...

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Expressions of Communion

Even though communion is a regular part of every worship service, I'm not sure we fully understand why we take communion. We just know we're supposed to pass a tray of Welch's around and stare at the floor in silence to please God. Communion is often taken in a somber mood of dismal introspection as we focus on the death of Christ....

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Concentrate on Doing One Thing Well

We can't be all things to all people. We can't provide programs for every conceivable need. But one thing we can and must do is this. We can share the gospel. Advancing the gospel must be the motivation for everything we do....

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John Dively Memorial Service

The visitation memorial service for John Dively will be held here at FCC this weekend. All are invited to attend. The times are...

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