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The Urgency of Hope

In the midst of a trial saturated world, hope is one of the things people cling to most. As believers, we have a hope that goes beyond this life even when we face death......

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Fairy Lanman Update

Fairy Lanman has passed away....

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Hell: Fear the Place or Fear the Idea?

Should we fear going to Hell or the idea of Hell? Should we tone down the centuries old message of "Repent or suffer the fires of Hell" into something a bit more palatable in today's church? We'll examine that this week......

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Scripture Alone- The Ultimate Authority

What is the ultimate authority in our lives? Where do we find truth? Do we determine it for ourselves? Do we let Hollywood, our culture, or even the church tell us what to believe? As believers in Christ, we must place scripture as the ultimate authority....

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Update on Pastor Mike

Check here for updates on Pastor Mike. We'll keep this as up-to-date as we can....

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A Better Hope

The idea of Heaven is fascinating. It’s actually one of the few universal human fascinations. Pretty much everybody thinks about heaven....

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The Severest Test

The temptations just keep getting more severe. First, there was Potiphar’s wife enticing Joseph into an affair. That was a serious test for a young man. But Joseph did what he had to do to escape the trap......

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When Hopes Are Dashed

This Sunday we continue Joseph’s story in Genesis 40. When it looks as though the butler will be able to make an appeal to Pharaoh on Joseph’s behalf, Joseph’s hopes seem to be dashed on the rocks of reality....

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The Testing Times of Faith

An introduction to this week's sermon about Joseph and Potiphar's wife....

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Summer Camp Updates

If you would like to see what is happening at this year's youth camp, you can follow it on the church's facebook page....

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