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The Key

Once upon a time there was a very wise, gentle, and loving king, who ruled over his land with great skill. The people loved him very much. And as this king grew older, he had to determine who would rule in his place as an honest and loving king. He had three sons from which to choose. Making the right decision would not be easy....

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When You Have a Slow Heart

Jesus was crucified. He died and was buried. But on the third day, He rose again. These events are well attested to by eyewitnesses. And there are other convincing proofs that attest to the reality of the literal, physical resurrection of Christ. So why do so many not believe, or live as though they do not believe? ...

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An Appeal to Guard Your Heart Against Hardness

On Palm Sunday, Jesus was welcomed by the cheers of the people. As He entered Jerusalem He paused and sobbed bitter tears over how the people of Israel had rejected Him. Over the next few days, He taught openly in the temple courts. ...

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When Your Heart is Thirsty and You Don't Know It

Two strangers met beside a well on a hot afternoon in Samaria. One was a woman. The other was a man. We don’t know the woman’s name. The man’s name was Jesus. ...

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What's Your Excuse?

How do you deal with rude people? Someone once put that question to Miss Manners, a social etiquette advice columnist found in many newspapers. ...

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For Good Persons Only

Every person needs a savior...

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Guarding Your Heart from Self-Centeredness

In the story of the Prodigal Son, we learn a lot about God, man, Christ, and our response. But we also learn how to guard our hearts from self-centeredness....

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What Could Happen?

And why guard our hearts? Why protect ourselves from spiritual danger? Nothing bad will ever happen. Will it?...

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Guarding Your Heart

This week we’re beginning a new sermon series on Guarding Your Heart. ...It’s about dealing with the real issues of the heart...

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Inward Change Shows Up on the Outside

Change on the outside always shows up as a result of change on the inside. But we all know the truth about ourselves. We’re far from perfect....

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