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Ther is a God - And You are Not Him

We must never think of our Lord merely as our co-pilot; someone who is not in charge but is available to help out when we need it. Jesus is the Commander. He is the Captain of the airplane. He will accept no other role....

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When Moral Obligations Are in Conflict

Is it ever morally permissible to tell a lie? Or are we obligated to tell the truth in every situation, regardless of the consequences?...

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The Big Picture

There is a bigger picture than you realize or understand. Just as God’s thoughts and ways are higher than ours, God’s purposes are broader than our ability to fully perceive. I have always enjoyed going to the beach and gazing out across the ocean and looking at the horizon, the “line” where it appears that the earth has fallen away. There is more beyond the li...

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A Daunting Task

It is a daunting task to speak about the subject of marriage in general and on the husband’s role as spiritual leader in the home in particular. Focusing on this subject makes me conscious of my own failings, and the way in which I fall short of the biblical ideal. I am woefully under-qualified to speak as an authority on the subject. ...

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What About Angles?

Angels are fascinating, not only to Christians, but to the wider culture as well, and it’s not hard to understand why. Unlike God, angels are on our level. ...

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And They'll Know We Are Christians by Our T-Shirts

blank shirt 2

If you were required to prove that you are alive, not physically but spiritually, could you do it? Could you make your case to the world around you that you are a real live Christian?...

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Why Pray?

What is the primary purpose of praying? Most of us grow up thinking of prayer as asking God for what we want. We learn to pray by saying, “God, help me with this. God, give me this. God, bless me with this. God, protect me.” When we pray for others, we pray the same thing: “God, help them. God, protect them. God, bless them. God, keep them and be with them.” Some...

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The Only Way You Can be a Real Follower of Jesus Christ

cross beam with nail

If you want to be a real follower of Jesus Christ, then you’re going to have to humble yourself and learn how to think and act like a servant.  You cannot allow Christ to live through you and not be a humble servant. Only through servanthood can you be a real follower of Jesus Christ. In Philippians 2:5-11 we learn what it means to respond to that call.  F...

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The Emotional Mandate

I’ve been thinking about the importance of emotions in the Cristian life, and especially in worship. Some Christians have emphasized emotional experience to the point that almost no attention is given to right doctrine or right practice. Others, reacting against that trend, are suspicious of or embarrassed by any display of emotion in worship. However, God didn’t ju...

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Leaping from the Twilight Zone to New Testament

Well, I asked for it. Last week I invited you to submit suggestions for sermons on topics or passages that are of particular interest to you. Any topic or passage I consider myself to be somewhat competent to address, I will speak on. ...

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