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When the Situation Is Desperate

clay pot

What do you do when you’re in a bind and don’t know what to do?  If the situation is desperate enough, you might well resort to desperate measures. In 1990, a 26-year-old man by the name of Danny Simpson of Ottawa, Canada was in dire financial straits.  He wasn’t quite sure what to do, but since his situation was desperate, he decided he should...

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Leaving a Legacy

Carpentry B&W

By just about every standard of measurement, Don was an average man at best.  The family he was born into was financially stressed and relationally dysfunctional.   Don was not a highly educated man.  He dropped out of school after only seven years of formal education, thus choosing a path of hard physical labor.  But Don was undaunted by his circu...

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The Big Difference

Durer Betrayal

This article introduces the upcoming sermon from Mark 14:43-52....

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Christ's Passion: Gethsemane

agony in the garden

An introduction to our upcoming sermon from Mark 14:32-42...

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Is Greatness Defined by Facebook or by God?

We’re addicted to ourselves. If you’re not convinced, just log on to Facebook sometime. Facebook is widely known as a narcissistic playground where most people broadcast the best, funniest, and most charming aspects of their lives. It seems that everyone on Facebook appears to have an awesome life, one filled with fun adventures, exciting romances, amazing jobs...

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Go and Send and Pray

We don't sing very many songs about our mission as a church.  It's not our fault--there aren't too many good songs out there on that topic.  And, we certainly want our worship to be centered on what God has done, not what we are to do.  But, if part of the purpose of singing is to teach and admonish one another (as Colossians 3:16 tells us it is), then we ce...

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Prayers for Desperate Times

Sermons on prayer have a way of disturbing me. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a sermon on prayer that didn’t take me beyond conviction to the point of feeling guilty and/or inadequate. I may be a pastor, but I’m not what you call a prayer warrior. I pray, but not intensely. Not fervently. Unless of course I’m terrified of my circumstances. Then...

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God's Shakeup Call

Back in 1973 I was suddenly shaken out of my bed in the middle of the night. My first thought was that my college roommate had pulled some kind of prank on me. But when I glanced across the room, there was my roommate, also sitting on the floor, wondering what had happened. Later we would discover that a minor earthquake registering 4.7 on the Richter scale had struck the ...

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The Purpose of the Mosaic Covenant

Long-term commitments are scarce these days. Apparently long-term commitments are also scary. The thought of entering into a marriage relationship “’til death do us part” frightens a lot of people. So the covenant of marriage is often avoided. Many of the vows that are made these days lack the permanence and commitment of former days. But it’s not j...

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Sound Theology Has a Way of Doing That

In a Peanuts cartoon strip Lucy and Linus are staring out the window, watching it rain. The magnitude of the storm impresses Lucy. “Boy! Look at it pour. What if it floods the whole world?” “It won’t,” Linus assures her. In Genesis 9, God promised Noah that would never happen again. The sign of that promise is the rainbow.” Turning back ...

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